SarkariJobMela.com, always available at the honest service of its respected and beloved users, is one of the best places to trust in the world of competition and lack of authenticity. We not only respect the privacy of our readers but also value the hard work, sincerity and genuine efforts of our expert group. Therefore, we are not in any type of favor of harming or exploiting our work in any circumstances by any element on earth.

Here we would like to clarify some of our business policies to aware our users regarding the effort we make to maintain the privacy and safety of our group’s genuine work.

Authenticity of Content and material:

The group of our experts scans all the material and official notifications through the subtle glasses of accuracy and their experience in this field many times and we publish any material only when they are satisfied with the authenticity of it. We have to double check the legitimacy of exam notification and information to publish it genuinely and so we do the same. However, human being is a creature with certain limitations and deficiencies made to make silly mistakes often. Therefore, keeping this eternal truth in mind, we accept the limitation of human body and mind too. However, the only effort we do is to supply you the best content and material free from any mistakes.

Advertise and Marketing:

As a part of professional working group, we use third party Advertisements and marketing formulas, for the mere purpose of our policy. Google as a third party vendor sometimes makes use of cookies for the advertising and marketing on our website. Google uses this facility of dart cookies to check the interest of visitors and this way to improve its own service. We are not responsible for any of its technical policies.

About Animation and Images:

SarkariJobMela.com possesses all rights to the images, animation, multimedia, audio, visuals and voice notes to its own hand. We are creative enough in using the multimedia and animation facility on our website except the main logos of official websites concerned. We are not in any type of interest to allow anyone any right to use, copy, edit, reproduce, reprint or damage any of the material used on our website. If anyone found guilty to break this rule, we are completely free to take any legal action against that element.

Copy right Issues:

SarkariJobMela.com is not interested to give anyone any right to copy, edit, reproduce, misuse, damage, modify, display, distribute, translate or exploit any of our material including images, animation, visuals, audio notes, multimedia etc. If our group will find anyone guilty for this misuse, they will be liable for legal jurisdiction as per the copyright issue under the constitution of India and Press and information Act.